Movies I have worked on.


I am a movie fan and a producer who like to work in postproduction and VFX, in that order.


I am working in Postproduction and VFX for over 10 years.

My clients and employers include:

Cobblestone Berlin| Postproducer & Setsupervision
Rekorder Berlin| Postproducer
Ai WeiWei| Human Flow Berlin as the Postproduction Supervisor
RiseFX Berlin as VFX-Projectmanager
Trixter Munich as VFX-Coordinator
Cinesite London as VFX-Coordinator
BaseFX Beijing as VFX-Projectmanager
Pixomondo Frankfurt as Compositing Artist
Pixomondo Shanghai as Compositing Artist

Before working fulltime as a Producer in Postproduction and VFX, I have worked as a Compositing-Artist

I graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering in Audio & Visual Media at the Media University Stuttgart (HdM Stuttgart).
While working for high-profile VFX-Studios in Germany and abroad I gained professional experience in

Postproduction Supervision | VFX Projectmanagement | Setsupervision
• Creating a time schedule for the postproduction and monitoring the progress
• Calculating the hardware requirements for each individual project
• Create a software pipeline to enable a smooth workflow
• Negotiations for the budget with VFX-Studios and monitoring the weekly status reports
• Planing & Supervising the shooting of VFX-Shots on set
• Supervising each step of the postproduction from the beginning by archiving incoming footage from the shooting, editing, translations & subtitles, voice-over recordings, soundeffects & music, managing the backups (LTOs), DI colorgrading, animated credits, till the end of the delivery of the DCP.

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  •   +49 176 27260493
  •   Friedrichshain | Berlin
  •  robertaldag@hotmail.com
  •  chaplintorte.de

Personal Info

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